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For cognitive development.

Animals, numbers, colors, counting, letters, objects and more. Different levels. Multilingual. No ads. Made by parents, with

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Developing Cognitive Skills

Your kids will enjoy pleasant and fun interactions with this game, while developing their early stage cognitive and language skills, which are so crucial for them.

  • Recognition of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals and more
  • Naming of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals and more
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Exercise fine motor skills
  • Counting
  • Language - whether 1st or 2nd
  • Opportunity to gain self esteem by the app's pleasant positive feedback
  • Problem solving by trial and error, with feedback

App Features


Kids can learn their own native language, or a foreign language for school, trip, or fun

Visually pleasing images

All buttons have beautiful engaging designs

Interactive speaking buttons

Tapping a button will make it narrate its content

Three game modes

(1) Tap the button to make it speak (2) Play - narrates the buttons one by one (3) Quiz - asks the kid to tap on a button by its description

24 boards!

Boards for different subjects - 24 in total - to teach your kids anything from recognizing objects to counting, knowing the alphabet and more.

Selectable board size

To adapt for different levels. For instance - start learning the numbers 1-4, then 1-9, etc.


We actually nor collect neither send any data about you, so you and your kids keep completely private.

  • No ads
  • No analytics
  • No data collection
  • No login required

Menu and preferences are only accessible to parents through a parental gate mechanism.

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